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BATTER UP!!  Our HR Support Staff "Spring Training" is just around the corner. Registration brochures will be mailed this week this week (Feb. 2-6).  If you don't want to wait, you may print one off from the Coming Events section of this website.  You may mail it in with a check or scan it and send it to the Executive Director at the email address below.  

This year's conference will feature a nationally known trainer, Dave Weber.  His delivery and style once had him described as a "Chihuahua on caffeine".  We promise a most memorable event that will give you new skills for organizing and executing your ever increasing responsibilities.  Dave begins his training at 8:45am, so don't miss out!

Administrators are encouraged to nominate an outstanding HR support staff member for the annual award.  

Questions?  Write our Executive Director at:

The Michigan Association of School Personnel Administrators (MASPA) is dedicated to the support and development of K-12 public education personnel/human resource professionals. The association provides research, resources, professional learning and networking opportunities, and provides the best human resource services to your educational institution. Association members are attorney's, superintendents, assistant superintendents, directors, administrative assistants, former teachers and principals, and HR professionals from the private sector.

Message from the Executive Director
Perhaps no educational management office is as complex as the Human Resource/Personnel Department of a school district. Wading through the nearly 50 state and federal employment compliance issues can be overwhelming to the most effective administrator. The Human Resource/Personnel staffs are encouraged to join MASPA so that they may continue to offer guidance, advice, and assistance to help the public school employees with whom they work every day.  MASPA exists to educate and support HR professionals and help them network with others in their field as well as legal, healthcare and commercial services to assist and streamline their work.  You are invited to join MASPA!  

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Clearly, the many workshops and conferences put on by our professional organizations such as MASPA, MNA and MSBO and their national affiliates have been invaluable.  Also, I’d like to emphasis how helpful our professional listservs have been.

Mary Ellen Currie | Calhoun County ISD


An Affiliate of the American Association of School Personnel Administrators